Blankie Prayers

Just the hem, O my God, just the hem.
Hide your face, turn your back even,
but let the hem of your robe linger
as a comfort through the long night.
Send your visions to one more gifted;
let another more foolish in faithfulness
glimpse the wonder of your wisdom;
for myself, nothing so glorious but
the sight of a stitch in your hem.
Would that I could catch its fibers
and with them knit a consolation
to bind up every aching heart
and bring peace to my own.
One prayer, O God: your hem.

on Isaiah 6:1

3 thoughts on “Blankie Prayers

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  2. What a lovely piece, I have been writing a series of soul health and sharing it with our church and was led to see Night as Prayer, I do love your description Thank You

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