Clinging to Metaphors

We are underwater.
Let there be a Rock that is higher.

We are weary and worn.
Let there be a Peace beyond understanding.

We are frustrated, impatient.
Let there be a Seed in every season.

We are heartbroken.
Let there be a Fire to gather us together.

We are frantic, anxious, scattered.
Let there be a Plumb Line that remains steady.

For the sake of our salvation,
O Most Inscrutable God,
let there be metaphors.


Listen to the roar
of your people’s prayers,
O Holy Lamb,
as our spirits growl
with hunger for your healing.
Bend your woolly ear in sympathy
as these great egos of dust
mew for comfort.
We ask:
do not mind
our snarls or teeth,
for in deep pain and distress
we have become
in our woundedness,
we have stalked your grace
as though it’s the enemy.
O Lamb of God,
fold us
into your flock
in an answer to prayer.