Lent 13

I am overwhelmed,
tired in mind-body-spirit,
desperate lest I lose my grip,
like a new swimmer fears to have
the kicking board slip from her grasp.
“I cannot swim any further,” my soul cries, but
my feet have no hope of finding support in the depths.
Save me, Jesus! Catch me up in your raft or else
teach my feet the faith of walking on water.
Cast the waves far from me or give me
strength beyond my strength to swim.
Hear the cries of this land-loving
soul, O God of the oceans,
O Jesus my savior.

Second Sunday in Lent

Haha! My God, my God,
you have done it again!
You have lit the way
for those feeling lost,
and unlocked a fountain
for those deprived of water.
You have gathered orphans together,
called them family, and set out a rich feast.
You have bent close to hear the silenced
and given them a victory song to sing.
How beautiful is your Spirit, O God,
who tells the continuing story of
your faithfulness to generations!
How beautiful your Body as it stands
in unity, brother and sister no longer apart!
How brilliant is your city that guards the weak
and hosts a parade to welcome every traveler home!