Trinity Sunday Prayer

When you pray, say:

Our Creator,
our Justification,
our Advocate in heaven —

hallowed be thy Name,
thy Body,
thy Presence.

Your Realm come,
your Imagination fulfill,
your Peace arrive
in all ways & all places.

Be our Bread,
our Breath,
and our Beckoning.

Jealous One,
forgive our self worship.
Just One,
save us from abuses of power.
Joyful One,
restore us to participation.

For yours is the Delight,
the Authority, and
the Relationship
now and always.


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Trinity Sunday Praise

Father, Son, Ghost:
All praise to you
for mercy & love!

Mother, Healer, Sage:
All praise to you
for creation & strength!

Rock, Wellspring, Witness:
all praise to you
for grounding & belonging!

Depth,  Breadth, Glory:
all praise to you
for joy & insight!

Sovereign, Savior, Spirit:
all praise to you
for grace & life!

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