Until Then

The day will surely come.
Steadfast God, hold us in the meantime
that we might not fear the long night.

The time will surely arrive.
Faithful God, give us signs while we wait
until every speck of star and dust is a revelation.

The promise will surely be fulfilled.
Eternal God, plant the seeds within us
even if we die before they bear fruit.


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Thy Kingdom Come

Thine is the kingdom,
mine is the repentance.

Thine is the glory,
mine is the labor.

Thine is the purpose,
mine is the peace.

Thine is the power,
mine the humility.

Thine is the wisdom,
mine is the wonder.

Thine is the will,
mine is the trial.

Thine is the splendor,
mine is the dust.

Thine is the achievement,
mine the pursuit.

Thine is the mercy,
mine the forgiveness.

Thine is forever,
mine is this breath.

Thy kingdom come.

Go Tell It

Tell it, o mountain,
and say it, o hills,
that God is steadfast
always & everywhere.

Tell it, o river,
and say it, o streams,
that God is neverending
always & everywhere.

Sing it, o sunrise,
and shout it, o clouds,
that God is imaginative
always & everywhere.

Sing it, o sparrow,
and shout it, o raven,
that God is all-knowing
always & everywhere.

Tell it, o desert,
and say it, o plains,
that God is life-giving
always & everywhere.