Sunday Prayer

How blessed are we, holy and unending God,
by your faithfulness in love.

How blessed are we, good and gracious God,
by your comfort amidst life’s storms.

How blessed are we, mighty and just God,
for the salvation that you are working out
in us and for all creation.

We sing our praises and thanksgivings
every day and all through the night
in joy and all through our tears
along smooth paths and all through the valleys.

We sing our praises and thanksgivings
for those persons who, like you O God,
walk with us, guide us and shape us,
and we name them aloud in gratitude: . . . . . .

We sing our praises and thanksgivings
in chorus with the cries and laments
that rise to your ears, joining our voices
to invoke your presence and power.

We pray especially for women and girls
around the world, from Nigeria to Syria,
from South Sudan to indigenous communities,
agonized that our world does not value
female and feminine lives.

Tell us again that you are like a shepherd,
not losing sight of any one person
despite the world’s violence and neglect.

Tell us again that you suffer with us,
but that suffering is not your vision for life.

Whisper to us in the voice we long to hear.
Call us to seek life for all people, all creation
within your faithful care.

We appeal to your grace in the name of Jesus.

A pastoral prayer cross-posted at RevGalBlogPals.

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