I’m delighted to have contributed to the forthcoming Disciplines 2020, the popular annual devotional from The Upper Room that is now available to preorder.

The week of reflections I’ve written are part of the Lenten season for 2020, covering texts such as Ezekiel’s vision of a valley of dry bones and Lazarus’ resurrection from the dead by Jesus. Across seven Lenten days, I wrestle with God’s timing, with the courage of faith amidst despair, and with the frustrating wonder of divine mystery.

My writing for Disciplines 2020 also includes this random confession:

When I was a young girl, I wanted to be either Miss Piggy or Wonder Woman; both are strong “can do” characters who take care of themselves (Miss Piggy with her fist, Wonder Woman with her lasso). They are larger than life, stronger than average. They could stand on their own. Yet I am neither superhero nor Muppet nor deity.

It’s quite possible that this not-so-secret longing still holds true for me.

Disciplines 2020 features 53 writers who previously contributed to the beloved Weavings journal, including Don Saliers, Deborah Smith Douglas, Roberta Bondi, Michael Downey, and many more.

Preorder now for the September 2019 release!

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