Sun, rise and welcome the new day I have dreaded
Love, rise and stand in the gap of my silent fears

I watch the sunrise because I long for your warmth

River, rise and carry away this ache of sorrow
Love, rise and wash over me with wonder

I come to the water because I miss you

Song, rise and swell my heart with stubborn hope
Love, rise and free my tongue from its mantra of shame

I brave the song because I need a lullaby

Wilderness, rise and strip death bare of its lush ivy
Love, rise and stretch toward life with joyful growth

I wait beneath the tree because I am lost

Moon, rise and invite in the rest I have resisted
Love, rise and baptize my skin with your blessing

The refrain — “Love, rise” — is influenced by India.Arie’s song “River Rise,” on her album Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics.

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