Lent 27

When the light of this day is done,
can I be with you in the darkness?
Will you hold my hand through the darkest valley?

When I sit and observe the long shadow of the cross,
can you keep me company?
Will you watch with me while I consider death?

When my breath at last expires,
and nothing can prepare me for it I am sure,
will you send your Spirit to give me a new kind of breath?

Jesus, you spoke boldly in the face of death;
can you forgive me if I am not brave in that moment?
Will you promise that I can be with you on the other side?

I don’t need fancy words of salvation
or misplaced sentiments about God’s will;
I just need someone to be there
because I will be scared—
scared of what’s ahead,
scared of what I’m leaving behind.

When I tremble before death, today or tomorrow,
can you stay with me?
Will you promise not to leave me?

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