This blissful moment
of dawn warming the night’s frost
of the finch and wren brightly chattering to the blue sky
. . . surely, O my LORD, this is not dust or ashes
for the moment uplifts my soul
to sing “Alleluia! Life!”
My soul could be
satisfied here in this moment,
content with the delicious gold of sunrise,
sated by the delicate artistry of the hoarfrost crystals.
But your Spirit nags: “Not even close! This delight you embrace
is not even close to the Blissful Goodness that is
GOD. You have been easily pleased
by a moment, yet there is
an abiding
beyond your lifetime.
Do not be content here, nor
let your spirit mourn the dust and ashes.
Here I am: feel my breath
on the dust that is
your cheek
and in
the ashes that are
your lungs. Let not your dusty, foolish heart
despair over the temporary. Rejoice with the warbling birds
and seek That Which Will Not Fade
with all of your soul.”

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