We do not see!
We do not understand!
We do not know which signs are true!

Peace be with you.

We cannot believe!
We cannot find our grounding!
We cannot discern the path forward!

Peace be with you.

Information is lacking!
Too many liars claim expertise!
Conspiracy theories confuse our spirits!

Peace be with you.

O Christ, sweet Jesus, is it really peace that you wish for us in these days of distress — peace and not knowledge, peace and not certainty, peace and not confidence? Our hearts are weary with turmoil, and still the world’s rage has not reached its crest. Is it really peace that will save us, peace that will heal us, peace that will release us to joy? We cannot erase from our minds the image of your death at every turn, in every news story, within every person. How can we claim peace without concrete evidence of life? O Christ, sweet Jesus, show us a miracle and let its name be “peace.”


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