in an Advent mood

there will be hope
and so this day
i will spin its fairy tale
without snark or cynicism
with only imagination
and trust
in what God can do

there will be peace
and so this day
i will welcome a stranger
i will let my heart break
to read the news
i will believe
that God is mending

there will be joy
and so this day
i will laugh out loud
and share the abundance
of wonder and fellowship
those places
where God smiles

there will be love
and so this day
i will wink in its direction
in appreciation
of mystery’s beauty
and all the secrets
God has in store

5 thoughts on “in an Advent mood

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  2. Rachael, can I use this poem in our worship service tonight? I will have someone read it if you give permission. Thank you BONNIE Hollinger

    • Of course, Bonnie. Usually I ask folks to print the attribution (author, web address) in their bulletins as would be done for any poetry or liturgy. Assuming it’s too late for printed attribution, perhaps just have your reader say the title and author name.

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