How Long, O Lord?

Into the awful silence, my heart cries:
How long will you be absent from us, O God?
How long will you stand by while two-dimensional faith
thrives in your name, when those of us with complex lives
are poured out with longing to see your face?
How long will you be silent and distant?
Will you not finally move mountains and still storms
to be near to us, to manifest your love among us?
But you do not come … and how could you?
In a world where fear has pounded understanding
into a flattened and self-centric perspective,
how could the fullness of God come?

One thought on “How Long, O Lord?

  1. Come Lord Jesus. In my weariness of living in this broken world I need to know you are here. Thank you Rachel for your heart felt words. Blessings~

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