Must it always be silence?
Will you never love
through a slow smile
a warm hand
or even a whisper?
Of all the ways in the world
to be with us —

There are some who remember
your once-and-done grace,
that gift from the beginning
and it is enough for them.

There are those who hold on
to time, loving the hours
sitting waiting staying
in your invisible presence.

For crying out loud:
I’m a word person, God!
How can I grasp you
when you are speechless?

If you are angry: say so.
Heartbroken: roar at us.
On your way out, leaving us to
our own misery: extend the courtesy
of a warning … and then,
if there is still grace to be found,
offer your holy forgetfulness.
But talk to us, please.

I am not really one for
signs and symbols, not moved by
stirring spirituality or dramatic gestures.
But give me a word or else
I am cold and lost.
How long will you be silent?
How long will you hide your face?
How long will our prayers land like bricks?

O that you would sound a syllable!
Just the flick of your tongue, the mere
shaping of a beautiful holy vowel
and stars would trumpet
planets would boom their symphony
light would cascade as a carol
and the ears of our hearts
would be glad at your voice!

Must it always be silence?

on Isaiah 64:7 & 9

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