Parables (Lent 28)

Five for two,
sparrows for pennies.

One for ninety-nine,
lost lamb for the entire flock.

Lifetime security for a daily gift,
a barn full of grains for a breath of life.

Ultimately: worry for faith,
a wardrobe for a lily’s glory.

Merciful God,
save me from myself —
from spending foolishly for
what cannot be bought;
for failing to trust in
your faithfulness.

on Luke 12

Yesterday Today Tomorrow

In prayer,
we say the name
that gives us hope:

In song,
we raise the name
that brings us peace:

With shouts,
we cry the name
that brings us healing:

You who are the same
today and
stay with us and love us
today and
through seasons of change
of heartache of struggle of love
today and
through tears and praise
and lament and delight
today and
be who you are forever and always.

We long to be made new,
we are desperate to leave the past behind us,
but you have brought us this far and
you have promised to continue.
Stories and experiences
shape us like ancient stars shape the night sky,
so do not teach us to turn our backs
on what has been but to listen
for stories of what may be.
Teach us not to start over in fear
but to wade in every water and to walk
through every wilderness with the patience
of hearts that trust you.
Teach us not cynicism but curiosity
so that our souls might sing gratitude
and our tongues speak prophecies
of your love and glory
for as long as we have breath to give.

To you, the One who is worthy,
to you in whom the angels delight,
to you alone at the beginning and the end,
to you we bring our prayers and our whole lives this day. Amen.

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Advent: Again and Again

Always your goodness surprises me, yet there it is — again and again. A moment in a rocking chair. A long laugh with a friend. Always your grace surprises me, yet there it is — again and again. A renewed strength. A sigh of release. Forever your faithfulness surprises me, yet there it is — again and again. A song. A presence. Again and again, my Savior. Again and again, my Jesus. Amen and amen.

on Titus 3:4-5