Pray for us, Mary, Mother of God.
While you rejoice in God’s works
and celebrate God’s faithfulness,
we wait impatiently for the fullness
of Life to be born in a flood of justice.

Sing for us, Mary, Mother of God,
to gird our spirits with courage and
bolster our steps with holy resolve
that we might be God-bearers too
through generosity and self-sacrifice.

Cry for us, Mary, Mother of God,
knowing as you do that God With Us
will not miraculously dissolve our
jealousy, selfishness, distrust, doubt;
our riches and loyalties are misaligned.

Pray for us, dear Mary, Mother of God,
that we might be prepared to welcome God
in the prisoner, the stranger, and the hungry
from the desert to the city to all the nations.
Pray that we will be part of the good news.

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