Sunday Prayer

To God be all glory,
to Christ be all love,
to Wisdom be all joy.

Incline your ear, O God, for your people are anxious and lonely, restless and wandering. Call our names and show us your peace. Encourage our hearts in the daily work of love.

To God be all judgment,
to Christ be all victory,
to Wisdom be all truth.

Holy Spirit, know the questions and concerns on our hearts. Be near to those who are hurting, who are mourning, who are overwhelmed. Be especially close to those who are in danger and those who are hungry.

To God be every cry,
to Christ be every prayer,
to Wisdom be every song.

We are yours, O Christ — every word on our tongues, every thought on our hearts, every step of our lives. Show us the bread of life, and we will live for you. Be to us the cup of salvation, and we will praise your name forever.


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Tell me a story of love that grows like an apple tree; and anyone can stop to rest in its shade or relieve the gnaw of despair with its fruit; and there are no illusions that it’s pristine & pretty because everyone knows apple trees are gnarled with tight, knobby branches and rough bark; and no one believes that “pretty” is the point anyway, so no one is deterred or discouraged or distracted by a perfect row of tulips.

Tell me a story of love that pours like a summer rainstorm; and no one runs for shelter or says gloomily “When will it stop?” or hunkers under an umbrella or glares when they’re splashed; and the common experience of being absolutely drenched & deluged by love makes everyone a little kinder, a little more playful; and everyone realizes as they skip through puddles that the rainbow isn’t love’s beginning but its fulfillment.

Tell me a story of love that trembles like an earthquake; and no one is safe from its impact and everyone is at risk of losing their hearts’ walls in the rubble; and the foundations of self-interest are no match for the wild strength of love; and the measure of it looks like a jumping needle or a pounding heart or a quiet spirit; and no one ever really gets used to the unexpected ways that it shifts your worldview in the flash of a moment.

If you know that story, would you live it aloud so that others might know it too? I’ve been looking for a little inspiration…

on 1 John 4:12