Sunday Prayer

Have mercy, O God,
for destruction is our due
yet we hope in every sunrise
that the new day will bring new life.

Have mercy, O Christ,
for our separations are our death
yet we strive to live and love and leap
as though free from wounds, as though invincible.

Have mercy, O God,
for freedom has been neglected
in favor of toil and politics and ladders
that purport to reach our idols: ease & convenience.

Have mercy, O Spirit,
for we follow commandments
of fear more often than those of love,
thus we live always looking over our shoulders.

Have mercy, O God,
for death must reach us all
and our souls grieve what we cannot store,
what cannot be kept and held onto beyond this moment.

a prayer based on this Sunday’s RCL texts, cross-posted at RevGalBlogPals

Sunday Prayer

Hear the prayers of your people,  O God,
from the silent depths of the oceans
to the pounding tides of the shore,
from the tears poured out in crowded streets
to the songs raised joyfully under the open sky.

What are our prayers to the foundation of your grace?
Not even raindrops
not even dust
yet you know every word on our hearts.
Remind us of who you are, and where, and how.

Hear the prayers of your people,  O God,
from our silent sorrows to our wildest dreams,
in need of healing, in need of sustenance,
through our seeking and our working and our loving,
always with longing for you.

What are our prayers in the current of your faithfulness?
Not even skipping stones
not even a riffle among the rapids
yet you know every breath, every life.
Remind us of who you are, and where, and how.

In you we live and move and have our being.
In you we rest eternally grateful.

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Finish this.

God of mercy,
bring this day to an end
draw this season to its close
pour shadows over the blazing sun
roll down a storm to erode these mountains.

Call it done, O God who is ever at work,
you the eternal Creator and Tinker,
call it done and call it good.

Finish this.


on Philippians 1:6

Sunday Prayer

Most High God,
Most Gracious God,
Most Steadfast God:
you are good and beautiful,
unparalleled in mercy and faithfulness
to every generation. Have mercy now
and do not fail your Holy Name.

We come before your throne
to pray for those who worry and those who wait.
There is much to fear in this world and
we pray for each person who loses sleep
wondering if those they love will meet violence,
for those who defend fear with rigid orthodoxy,
for the ones who live in anticipation
of broken hearts.
There is no lack of waiting in this world:
for seasons to turn, for wars to end, for insight
to dawn, for you our God to show up in glory;
we pray for those waiting patiently and certainly impatiently.

We make an offering of our prayers
for those who hurt and those who heal,
though we wish there was not so much of the former.
We struggle to come to terms with a world so tolerant
of death, so callous toward its own hurt; we mourn
the injuries & diseases of the body as well as
the injuries & dis-eases of the spirit.
For each person who heals, who builds up others’ spirits,
who tends another’s wounds, who remains
when there is nothing else to do but be present,
we give our thanks and our promise to be such persons.

Hear us, O God, as we lift up the dreamers and the doers —
often two aspects of the same calling — and we pray over
those awaiting an invitation to participate.
Embolden the dreams shouted from the streets
of a world where Black Lives Matter, a world where
candlelight vigils are no longer needed,
a world where preachers and
politicians alike do not build their platforms on division.
Strengthen those whose work is the care of others:
from bedsides to crisis shelters, as advocates and teachers,
through disaster and war and political storms.

Most High God,
Most Gracious God,
Most Steadfast God:
Each of these is someone we love:
worriers and wait-ers,
causing harm and causing healing,
busy with dreaming and doing.
This is us every day and this is
every stranger we never meet:
patient and then frantic, mindful but restless,
injured but ready to love,
fond of hope and called to the hard work of life.

You who are good and beautiful,
unparalleled in mercy and faithfulness
to every generation: have mercy on us
and do not fail your Holy Name we pray. Amen.

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