Lent 17

Side by side like strangers in a waiting room I sit next to you. Not a word or even a nod of recognition just shared breath and a common view, and it is enough. on Matthew 26:38b, “Stay awake with me.”

Third Sunday in Lent

How is it within you, O God, to imagine land flowing with milk and honey, bright rivers spilling over with satisfying life to make harvests abundant and people glad to no longer know thirst? How is it, O God, that your holy imagination and your living heart can...

Lent 16

I lean into the Wind: catch me. I listen for the Wind: lead me. I throw my arms wide to the Wind: welcome me. I smile at the Wind: surprise me. on Isaiah 55:3

Lent 15

My God and my delight, my rock and my blessing: you who can grow a daffodil where a thorn has been planted, you who can dance with new life after death has decreed its sentence: help my spirit watch eagerly for your love though my mind expects your absence; tune my...

Lent 14

Take my thoughts, O God, my thoughts and my dreams too — I have no good use for them. They keep me up at night and wrestle with my spirit all day long. I don’t want to know these longings and these disappointments any more, not the worries or the fears...

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