Lent 11 (Confession)

I could do her job, if they would ask me, if they would let me, which no one has or will, but I would be damn good and I could still do my own job too. I could make life better for him if he would just let me rearrange his world — only a tweak here or there, just a little editing of commas and content — and he would surely be happier, he just doesn’t know it yet. Never mind that my own life is dusty and overdue, I would gladly surrender to chaos in my own world if the rest of the world would let me organize it. I could be the poet and the sage, the pastor and the parent all at once — if only they would ask me, if only they would let me, because I have no doubt that I could. Surely this is not hubris, Most Holy God, because it comes not with a vain confidence but with a righteous frustration that the world is not yet the kindom you have called it to be. This is prophetic energy, O Restless Spirit, not prideful busywork. Turn me loose from these constraints of community, these limitations of flesh, let me take up my godliness and get things done already.

. . .

. . .

. . .

[the sound of holy ROFLing]

. . .

. . .

. . .

Right. Fine. Monday morning it is, then, and I don my flesh with prayers that you will don your holiness. May we each play our parts to the blessing of the other.

Second Sunday in Lent (Winter)

Let the snow gleam and glorify
Let the ice glisten and be glad
Let them praise
the Wise God who constructs every crystal
the Beautiful God who dances with the winter winds,
the Curvaceous God who eases the world’s hard edges
with every slow-flowing icicle
with every heavily-draped snow drift
Gleam and glorify, glisten and be glad, o winter!

Lent 10 (For the Birds)

Here a raven in all its arrogance

Here a gull in its single-mindedness

Here a scrappy sparrow full of chatter

Each content in life and work (although to be fair,

they know no different)

And would they live differently if they did?

Would the gull wish its voice more like the sparrow’s

or the sparrow long for the raven’s solitary confidence?

Thankful today for the birds

witnessing to a way of being without discontent or doubt.

Surely this life

is meant for them

and not really for us

who seem to always want what is not ours to have.

Would that we might learn how to be!


Lent 8 (Hannah’s Blessing)

May your foundation be the one eternal Rock
and let all other rocks tremble.

May your wisdom study God’s foolishness
and let your mouth know humility.

May you be hungry for God’s satisfaction
and let your treasures fade to dust.

May your steps be guarded by the LORD
and let your paths wander after God.

May your hands extend God’s hospitality
and let your spirit surrender to God’s thunder.

on 1 Samuel 2:1-10