Trinity Sunday Praise

Father, Son, Ghost:
All praise to you
for mercy & love!

Mother, Healer, Sage:
All praise to you
for creation & strength!

Rock, Wellspring, Witness:
all praise to you
for grounding & belonging!

Depth,  Breadth, Glory:
all praise to you
for joy & insight!

Sovereign, Savior, Spirit:
all praise to you
for grace & life!

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Pentecost Sunday

Ah LORD God:
how is it that you give
all good gifts?
With an open hand and a spirit of grace
you give,
and in gratitude we receive you.

Dear Sweet Spirit:
how is it that we each hear you
whispering our names?
With an uninhibited holiness and a prophetic heart
you whisper,
and in gratitude we hear you & understand.

Ah Blessed Jesus:
how is it that you promise
peace beyond understanding?
With the power of God and the indwelling of the Spirit
you pour out,
and in humility we overflow with serenity & solidarity.

Most Holy God,
how is it that you gather us
from the east & the west, from the north & the south?
With love and a vision for the Kin-dom
you call us together,
and in joy we come.

Let it be so.

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Dandelion Fluff

dandelionsCreator God, Playful Spirit: let my faith have the simple confidence of a dandelion — content to smile like the sun when blooming, satisfied to be relocated & replanted by the wind in fading, unapologetic in taking root where it is not wanted or expected, brazen and stubborn in giving its own ordinary glory to God.

Sunday Prayer

Most High God, in the space of prayer we draw near to you, trusting that you are already near to us — as close as our breath, as close as the heartbeat within our chest. You are brilliant and powerful, the Delight of the heavens, the Song of the mountains, the Hope of the nations. We are awed to silence by you.

We come to you out of humility;
be the Boast of our faith.

We come to you out of thirst;
be the Wellspring of life.

We come to you full of gratitude;
be to this world the Source of all goodness and love.

We come to you with weary and weeping hearts;
be the End of all strife and the Beginning of all peace.

We come to you, dear Jesus, because there is no one else to whom we can turn;
be the Glory of our words, of our actions, of our aspirations.

By the power of your name, raise us up: from death to resurrection, from fear to imagination, from worry to love, from the dust to the stars, from silence to song. Raise us up like the bugle of a trumpet, calling us to walk in your ways with greater grace and love. Raise us up like the sun rising at dawn to shine with your beauty over all the earth. Raise us up, O God Most High. We pray these things and more, for we are yours in this life and yours in the final victory. Amen.

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