Lent 2

I cannot fast on my own,
neither can I eat in solitude.
I cannot greet the morning
nor survive the night alone.
I cannot seek God’s holy face
but hide myself from yours.
I cannot adore God by myself
neither can I repent without you.
I cannot close my eyes in prayer
if you are not kneeling beside me.
I cannot lead without watching you
nor can I follow without company.
I cannot achieve peace on my own;
for justice and for healing I need you.
I cannot cry to God with my own voice
nor hear the answer without your ears.
Be with me, I ask. Stay with me, friend.
Let me leave my journey and join yours.

on Isaiah 58:2-7, “Day after day they seek me, but they quarrel and fight with one another. Is not this the fast I prefer: to humble yourselves and to serve one another?”

Ash Wednesday (Lent 1)

With a sigh and a muffled sob, I set down my ashes:
this fragile life, this fragile ego, these vain illusions
of all that I might do…might have…might be.

With a sigh and twinge of regret, I set down my ashes:
dreams I have chased, wounds I have clung to,
fears that have crowded out hope like weeds.

With a sigh and a longing cry, I pick up your healing oils:
humility to recognize your glory, purpose in the work
alongside one another, gratitude of breath & body.

With a sigh and a contrite spirit, I pick up your healing oils
to sustain this journey — for forty days, for a lifetime —
surrounded by grace and animated by love.

Let the ashes be ashes.
Let the dust be dust.
Let the healing begin.

On Joel 2:12 — “Yet even now, says the LORD,
return to me with all your heart, with fasting,
with weeping, with mourning.”


O Lord, you are our Lord.
Eternal God, you are our God.
Brother Jesus, you are the Savior.
Sweet Spirit, you are our Life.

Many days, O God, we do not know much — not much about crafting peace from war, not much about convicting the world’s greed of its sins, not much about reflecting you with consistency — but we know that you are God. You are the Only One.

By your grace, we believe and follow you.
In your presence, we are radiant.
To your glory, we strive to be  bold.
In your name, we do not lose heart.

Stay with us we pray, O Christ, for as much as we long to dwell in one place with you, life changes and moves and compels us in new ways: through pain and through joy, with outrage and with surprise, within ourselves and alongside others.

Stay with us, we can only pray.
Guide us through change.
Seize us with truth and hope.
Show us how to lose our lives in your life.

In all things, we are your beloved people, sisters and brothers together and images of your beauty. In all things, we are astounded and overwhelmed to gratitude. In all things, we hold fast to your name, and we pray by its power. Amen.

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A tent.
Is there at least
a tent to cover these bare
heads and shoulders and lives
from the turmoil, the storm, the fury?
At least a tent
on a mountaintop perhaps
far above and removed from hell’s wars,
a place where your holy daughters & beloved sons
can breathe. breathe without running.
without running for their lives.
where they can see
so clearly
without the smog of violence
without the suffocation of xenophobia
a mountaintop where it’s as plain as the sun
how beautiful each one is, how dear and how brilliant.
Let there be a tent, O God,
a tent and a mountain and a grace
of peace that surpasses the world’s vices & villainies.
By your mercy, it would be good for us
to be there. Let us be there.

on Luke 9:33

Sunday Prayer

Ah, Lord GOD, we do not know how to begin or where,
for you are eternal and we are finite;
you so loving and we so very wounded;
creation so vast and we are only a few within it.

What praise can we offer that is not a clanging gong?
What prayer can we say to bend your holy ear?
Do not shake the dust from your feet at us, we pray,
but be gracious and know the cares of our hearts.

We long most simply for love:
love that overflows in holy courage to stand for justice,
love that cares for one another without reservation,
love that is unrestrained by our brokenness,
love that holds on through storm and grief,
love that comforts our hearts,
love that brings about your kin(g)dom,
love that changes us.

We pray for love, O God,
knowing that in you and because of you
Love is already and ultimately realized.
With a sigh we pray: Amen.

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