Sunday Prayer: Metaphors

Uproot what is evil,
plant what is new within us,
Imaginative Creator, Patient Farmer.

Grow your love in our hearts,
work your laws of grace through our lives,
O Glorious Vine, Essential Root of Life.

Set your words on our tongues,
whisper your hope in our ears,
Sweetest Honey, Thou Good Word.

Be persistent with us, Divine Mystery,
as we seek you through vain metaphors.
Day and night, find us and love us we pray.

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I have been unguarded —
O God, I confess it!
Day by tedious day, night by long night
I strain and struggle as though
your peace is illusory, as though it is
the stuff of dreams and platitudes
and fairytales at bedtime.
But goblins and trolls are cordial
compared to the fear and violence of humanity
warring against itself, and I have not
guarded my own wounds
let alone
reached out to share
blankets of solace, shelters of peace
with sisters and brothers weary
from this storm, drenched
by generations of
vindictiveness and degradation
against personhood, against the beauty of life.
If there is peace to be known,
O my God, I have not understood it.
If there is peace to be found, I confess O God
that I have preferred to sit myself down
and keep company with
who is a more faithful companion
than peace, that elusive heartbreaker.
But lament has no desire
to guard the heart
or to grant a harbor to love
so I find myself fractured and hallucinating
that peace is foolhardy, that the storm is strength
and I guard myself
with the storm
which is
I think
not exactly
what you recommend.
You are welcome, O God, to surpass my understanding.

on Philippians 4:7


A Pastoral Prayer for God

We light a candle for you, O God, and pray for your eternal soul
as you sit helplessly in mourning to see the deaths of your people.

May there be mercy at the final judgment
when they question your unresponsiveness
to the cries of those battered by storms.

We light a candle for you, O God, and offer forgiveness
for your contributions to narcissism and rape culture.

We pray that you find a way to redress the harm
caused by your holy complicity in the power-driven,
hyper-masculine, self-centered, white savior complex.

We light a candle for you, O God, and join you in litany
to name the countless children dead from war’s turmoil.

It will be hard for you to hear their names
— your own flesh and blood and heart —
but we will sit with you in ash & sackcloth.

We light a candle for you, O God, and pray that you’ll find
good news in the streets and camps of protest movements.

May you see new expressions of the gospel in word and deed;
may you have the humility to learn from those who no longer
wait for you to create a new day but march for it themselves.

We light a candle for you, O God, and extend our prayers
for your wrestling and renewal, your hope and salvation.


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Is it really so much trouble, O God, to respond to your people’s cries? Have you truly turned a deaf ear for centuries? Or can you not hear the mothers’ wailings over the sound of gunshots and bullhorns? Do you no longer care to notice the blatant disregard of your laws for life and the complete trashing of justice? Pick up your feet, God; break the cement mold into which they have cast you. Clear the cobwebs from your eyes, for they set you on a shelf to adore but not to follow and you have allowed dust to cloud your vision. In the streets they are calling for you — don’t you hear? On looped newsreels of public execution, they are mocking you — how many times will you stand to be crucified? Save your people, LORD, and save yourself.