Advent: Currents

No amount of straining or swimming,
of longing or praying can free me
from the currents of life that I think myself
so adept in navigating. For the stream
runs on without a care and the storms come
(inevitably, invariably) to show off their
lack of care and deference. Tell me, O God,
Thou Convener of Storms and Soothsayer of Life,
tell me truly that you have not created me (us)
to drift like a faded leaf along this creek;
tell me now that our paths are not happenstance
or divine amusement, but purposeful (even
worthwhile) for the short meandering time
that we have them, drifting along these currents.


on James 4:14

Advent: Goodbye

Still I wait.
Still I listen.
Still there is only
We have waited.
We have hoped.
Perhaps now
at long last
God will answer
the generations
who have cried.
But here —
here is a
for comfort
until God
comes. Unless
God doesn’t come.
Unless the desert
never blooms.
Unless the streams
never bubble in song.
What if…?
What if never?
Cry, creation, cry
and say farewell.
Salvation isn’t
coming for you.

on Isaiah 35:1-7

Advent: Peace

What we have not imagined, O Christ,
you have called into being:
the radical repair of relationships,
the unusual alliance of predator & prey,
the unexpected repentance of the aggressor.

What we have not embodied, O Christ,
you have required of our being:
harmonizing instead of grandstanding,
generosity at the expense of selfishness,
faithfulness to neighbor rather than disloyalty.

What we have not committed to, O Christ,
now create in the world and in us:
humility & love, justice & reparation.
And if we will not contribute to these fruits,
then O Christ be the ax at our roots and grow something new.

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Advent: Estranged

Not too long since last we spoke
Not too long since last we sat together
And still I feel a chasm between us as though
Our spirits never connected, as though
A word never passed between us
As though we are estranged.
How long, O God,
Until our repartee
Is not so scant and shallow
Until our time together finds roots
And satisfies my soul even when apart?
Rebuild this bridge, O God, or teach me
So that I might no longer lose my way
To your presence or fail to linger
in contentment with You.

on Romans 15:5