Steal Away

At the last, O God,
promise that sacrifice
will never again be demanded.

At the last, O God,
promise that our sisters
and siblings and brothers will not need
to compromise their imago dei for security.

At the last, O God,
promise that thunder
will claim us and oust evil,
that bread and breath will be abundant,
that those who lack mercy will gnash their teeth.

Until then, O God,
promise that we can find you
in that place where a song is shared
as readily as a meal, where the urgency
of the journey is all the more reason for compassion,
where your lightning severs from our souls vanity and greed.

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Psalm 34

I will bless the LORD at all times,
all times, by day and night,
when my tears pour and my heart pounds,
when it seems I have triumphed and when it seems I might die.
Always and forever, Your grace will be my prayer
and Your face will be my deliverance.
When I cry and cry and cry
and faint from weeping,
You collect my bones
like a hen collects her chicks,
enfolding my sorrow into Your refuge,
into Your eternal heart, into Your work of mercy
where the spark of justice meets the descant of angels.
There in the ferocity of the heavens,
in the storm of divine love,
You are wildly good:
good and holy in rage, good and holy in power,
good and holy in righteousness, so good
and holy for the sake of life.
Many are the afflictions, but even more so
Your rescues. Many are the wicked,
but even more so Your redeemed.
Many are the deaths,
but even more so
Your breaths.
God have mercy and give us breath!
See how the brokenhearted have camped out
to wait in hope for Your answer and Your deliverance.
Put the boast of Your steadfast love
into every hymn; knit
the confidence of Your presence
into every lament.
Great indeed is evil, but greater still
is Your radiance. Your praise shall be forever in my mouth.

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Holy Mysteries

Bless the LORD, all people, and
praise God’s infinite wisdom.

We did not lay earth’s foundations
and we did not set the breadth of the sky.
We cannot call rain from the clouds
or command the lightening to strike.

But, O God, we have been stricken
here between earth and sky,
and we have been drowned
by the waters that birthed us.

Therefore we praise you in humility
because you can rebuke the mountain
yet you have not forgotten us.
You are served by wind and fire
yet you lived among us in service.

You meet the needs of the hungry lion
and you weep to know our wounds;
you conduct the chorus of morning stars
and you admonish our proud ambitions.

Surely no god is greater than our God,
who commands the worship of angels
yet is foolish in pursuit of love —
with all its suffering and strain and sacrifice.

Bless the LORD, all people, and
praise God’s infinite wisdom.


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