Advent: Me Too

The heavens sing to the earth:
“The LORD is greatly to be praised.”
I’ll sing too.

The fields boast with joy:
“God is sovereign over the earth.”
I want to shout it too.

The winds twirl with the trees:
“The LORD is coming, coming, coming.”
Let me dance too.

The seas rush forward in greeting:
“Hooray! Hosanna! See the glorious One!’
I’m running to you too.

The rising sun tells it plainly:
“The LORD is faithful and forever.”
I want to testify too.

Me too,
O God my God.
Me too.

on Psalm 96


Advent: Peace

For yokes to break
and whips to fray,

for armor to crumble
and guns to disintegrate,

for enemies to repent
and the powerful to atone,

for the rich to repay
and war plans to burn,

for bombs to retreat
and arrogance to perish,

for hatred to lament and
self-righteousness to be embarrassed,

O merciful God, we pray these things
for the sake of your name and your justice.

on Isaiah 9:4-5


Advent: Love

If your love had a measure, O LORD,
it would be the length of the ocean tides
in time and distance and constancy.

If your love was a song, O LORD,
it would be the symphony of forests with
aspens clapping, foxes barking, streams babbling.

If your love was a story, O LORD,
it would inspire the weary to strength
and humble the strong to tears.

If your love had a pattern, O LORD,
it would be the design of starry constellations
with hidden gems glinting at an impossible distance.

If your love was a storm, O LORD,
it would befuddle, disturb and dis-order,
and in its center would be peace.

on Psalm 89:1-2

Advent: Emmanuel

Emmanuel, God,
be with us
as we greet you in praise.

You are the sovereign of angels and cherubim,
the source of life for all creation, and
our souls’ only hope and comfort.

Shine upon us, we pray.

When fear threatens our faith,
open our mouths to shout with joy
and our hearts to sing with love.

When fear leads us to fail one another,
break our tongues loose in humble confession
and disrupt our lives for the work of community.

Holy Spirit, come upon us we pray.

Though we have set our hearts on our own ways,
grant us still a vision of your way, unexpected as it is,
and stir within us the resolve to stand in solidarity with you.

Above all else, hear the prayers of those who weep
and answer at last the cries of those who mourn
for they have not been done justice in this world or in heaven.

Be with each one.

Bless all who love you with the belief in your fulfillment:
in the satisfaction of the hungry,
in the peace of the persecuted,
in the reprieve of the prisoner
and the depose of the powerful
for yours alone is the kin-dom, the power and the glory.

Emmanuel, God,
let your face shine that we might be saved. Amen.

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Advent: Be Strong

Do not fail, o my heart.
Do not be discouraged
though the waiting is long and
the wellspring of justice is far off.

Do not faint, o my heart.
Do not be weak in waiting
but roar with the fullness of your life
with the ferocity of your wildest dreams.

Do not grow weary, o my heart.
Do not rest though you cry all night.
Instead raise hell for the sake of heaven;
be forever the fearless fool for the sake of love.

on Psalm 27:14