Sunday Prayer

Be creative, O God our God,
be resourcefully inventive we pray,
for your children are wandering and weary,
without a refuge or hiding place
from their persecutors.
With a deft hand
sew a cloak of comfort
and forge an armor of protection
around those who need it most.

Be a mother bear
in strength and ferocity
and stand between those
who are fleeing, those who are
crying out to survive, and
those who cause them harm.
Do not let your children be hungry,
but find sweet honey
and wild berries
to satisfy them along their ways.

Be an early riser, O God,
awake before the dawn to
disrupt our worst nightmares —
of a world that is selfish beyond capacity,
of a people who are foolish to the point of hatred,
of a guardedness that offers no welcome.
Rouse us with the sun;
shed light on our fears
and warm grace within us.

Be prudent, O God,
in your mercy and your judgment.
Be wise in your dealings with us
as we cannot be.
Prove yourself trustworthy
as we are not.
Then we will claim your name in public spaces;
we will share your wisdom with young and old;
we will be happy forevermore to
lean on your wisdom and
dwell in your joy.

O God our God, you are more precious than jewels,
more valuable than oil, more courageous than armies.
You are virtuous like no other — this we know, this we praise. Amen.

on Psalm 31

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Do you brush cloud designs across the sky,
sweeping in broad strokes or
finger painting when you’re in the mood,
pretending just as we do that
here is a duck and there is a t-rex?
Does the artistic beauty distract you
from our ugly violence?

How do you manage it —

Does the joy of loving us
outweigh the pain?

Do you watch soccer for a distraction?
I would think it’s your kind of
sporting event because it’s
so global — a team effort
across languages
for ninety minutes.

Does eternal holiness get lonely?


Sunday Prayer

We love you, O LORD,
for you hear our cries and our petitions,
our psalms and our sorrows.
You bend your ear to hear us,
even when we neglect to listen in return.
For that and for all we give you thanks.

When we call out your name,
you are faithful — full of grace and mercy.
Be so filled, we pray, toward those
who are in awe at your magnitude,
those who are emboldened by your mystery,
those who are mourning the changes in life,
and those who are struggling for courage amidst death.

We love you, O LORD,
for you hear our cries and our petitions,
our psalms and our sorrows.

When we are tossed
and when we are triumphant,
yours is the voice we long to hear.
You speak because we don’t understand;
you whisper because we make it harder than it is;
you sing because we trip over our own words.
We are grateful.

We love you, O LORD,
for you hear our cries and our petitions,
our psalms and our sorrows.
Be now the Wellspring that renews all things,
the Mystery that can do all things, and
the Grace that loves all things.


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Ice Cream

it seems to me
that the best times
for stillness
are dawn and dusk:
the cusp times
the briefest moments
a blooming or a fading that
catches your breath
and holds it
in grace
And I like to think
that I would be a better person
if I could live always
in that grace
but the suspense of time
isn’t meant to last,
like the lick of a melting
ice cream cone
that you’ve been asked to hold
though it isn’t meant
for you
But since
the noonday is
a mess of ice cream
that’s fallen on the hot sidewalk
and midnight is
an elusive, teasing dream
of ice cream that is yours alone to savor,
in comparison a moment’s taste
is pure beauty
at dawn
and again at dusk
So with a sigh I pray to God
for the grace
for the resignation
for the peace
to delight fully in the briefest
of moments
for the gratitude to accept this
gift of stillness
whether at dusk or at dawn
for the surrender to release my demands
that one moment’s goodness
satisfy a lifetime
There is only this breath, only this stillness
and look — now it is gone.

Sunday Prayer

Most Beautiful God, you are
the Mountain to which our eyes turn
and the Rock on which our feet stand.
The world is yours, wholly and holy.

Most Gracious God, you are
the Rain that mingles with our tears
and the Storm that disrupts our lives.
We are yours, wholly and holy.

O Merciful God, you are
the Tongue that prays when words fail us
and the Song that sings when our hearts faint.
And so we ask:

Pray wholeness
to those whose lives are torn apart,
to those worn down by weeping,
to those undermined by evil.

Sing healing
to our warring egos and nations,
to our closed ears and borders,
to our jealous and stingy spirits.

O Passionate God, you are
the Love that greets our fearful hearts
and the Joy that satisfies our anxiety.

We are yours, wholly and holy.
The world is yours, wholly and holy.
Heal us, that we might bring you glory. Amen.

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