Advent: Again for the First Time

Restore us, O God, to what has never been (what has Always Been): a loving communion, a delighting Body. Return us, O God, to that new place (that Eternal Place): the peaceable kindom, the holy mountain. Revive us, O God, to life not yet known (Life Made Plain):...

Advent: The Way

Taking a step toward You cautious faulty honest as I can be out of control (God help me) over how You might receive me yet even in my trepidation I am glad, so glad to be on this mountain climbing — one step another again — toward You. on Isaiah...

Advent: Similes

like a spark to the fire like cool water to the dry tongue like a seed in winter to the cardinal like a red rose to the lover so are the signs of your goodness, O God

Advent: Boots On

God of mercy I confess a hope that is complacent — longing not living, built on a wish not on work. Make of these half-hearted dreams full-bodied reflections of your goodness, I pray. Amen.

Christe eleison

When I feel like I’m coming apart, Christ, hold all things together. When I despair that we are too far gone, Christ be beside & behind &┬ábefore. When I cannot imagine your good news, Christ, be my aim and my inspiration. on Colossians...

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