Lent 36 (The Cock Crows Twice)

The worst of all sins:
the willful concealing of the self
before the very Being and Lover of all selves
…yet I must ask: how can I do otherwise?
For you with your passion for love
have drawn near but then
left me too exposed
vulnerable to knowing, vulnerable to being known
And I resent both the magnanimous gift
and that most intimate gaze.
So I pull the covers
over my head
and choose
the sin.
God is a ghost
and I will not be haunted.

Lent 35 (Mathematics)

1 – 1 = 1
To lose the certainty of faith
in order to gain it again:
what math is this?

2 – 2 = 3
To lose impartiality in love
just to find foolish Love;
it doesn’t add up.

To lose even the respectability of salvation
so that the sheer chaos of redemption
might be more fully realized
(as if 10 – 10 = 500):
entirely illogical.

on Philippians 3:4-8

Sixth Sunday in Lent (Palms)

Hosanna! Blessed be
the miracle worker Jesus
coming for me!

Come for me, Jesus!

Hosanna! Blessed be
the Savior, my
Relief and Rescue,
the One who makes trouble
disappear, the true and holy Quick Fix
before whom I lay down my praise
in hopes that You will notice me
and lift me up with You.

Come for me, Jesus!

Hosanna — notice me, please!
Sign my salvation, I cry, as if I’m
the only fan lining the streets
the only longing heart desperate
for a king on a donkey.

Come for me, Jesus!

Lent 34 (Theodicy)

You have not failed, O God.

Let me continue to grasp this reassurance
while the world rages in endless war,
while the bodies of young men are left in the street,
while their sisters disappear from sight
without a sigh of public lament,
while the defenses of hatred
continue to be signed into state law,
while those called to love deepen their trenches.

It is not as though you have failed, O God…

. . .

…but sometimes it feels that way.

Romans 9:6a