Lent 34

All the way my Savior leads me;what have I to ask beside?Can I doubt his faithful mercywho through life has been my guide?Heav’nly peace, divinest comforthere by faith in him to dwell.For I know, whate’er befall me,Jesus doeth all things well!Hymn text by...

Lent 33

“Do not be afraid.Do not give up.Do not lose hope.”Yes, it is scary.Do not be afraid.I am here with you.”Yes, it is hard,But it is not final.I am Before and After.”Yes, it is discouraging.Have hope; the Dance continues.I am the Dying Seed and...


I’m out of whack today. Whack? Wack? Ugh … probably both! A little direction here, God?  

Lent 31

Help this oak tree of a soul, Living Spirit:see where I am knotted and hunched,where I am trimmed short by wounds,how I have stretched out for the sunyet again turned away from exposure;know the hollowed out and dying placesalso the deep yearning of my heart’s...

Lent 30

And now let me rest.Let me have the graceto be finished –maybe not complete,perhaps not quite enough– but ended for today.Bless the setting sun andbless this dying day.Help me to let it bedone, to be as it was,because it wasyours.

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