New Year’s Blessing

With the rising sun
as with the rising new year:
may your faith be bright-eyed
with hope;
may your voice
be quick with song;
may your every breath
take in grace;
may your eyes see wonder,
your ears hear the trees whisper,
and your hands open wide
to convey welcome;
and may your load be light —
not because you are without cares,
but because you remember
that God is enough.

These Days of Christmas

So Love has come,
no longer a heavenly concept
or ontological mystery
but a Life
of breath and flesh
showing that Love lived
is possible
in the fullest —
not nuanced or strategized,
not compromised or politicized,
but simply expressed
in touch
in bread
in questions
in fishing tales
in fellowship.
And in these days of Christmas,
the most basic question is
do we believe
that Love
lived, and
that Love
can be

Writing to God: Kids’ Edition

I’m thrilled that the cover image of my upcoming book — Writing to God: Kids’ Edition — is now posted on sites like Amazon! We’re one step closer to the book’s Spring 2012 release from Paraclete Press!

Of course I’m biased 🙂 but Writing to God: Kids’ Edition will be unique among children’s prayer books, because it doesn’t merely provide prayers for children to read or memorize; it engages and empowers children to find their own words for prayer using everyday experiences!

Check out the cover….

At Last!

At last!
Like a sigh,
like a reconnection,
like the end of a work week,
like a moment of peace amidst a noisy household,
like a purple crocus breaking through the chilly spring ground,
like a child who has been waiting to open a present,
like a pregnant woman finally entering delivery…
…at last!

At last
the waiting of Advent
is over, and
Christmas is finally here —
God is finally here!

All through Advent
we have been allowed
only peeks,
glimpses and signs,
just hints
of what will come
and of what could be.

At last
it is here!

God takes on flesh,
and the cry of an infant
gives us hope
that things will not always be
what they are now,
that life will not always be
what it is now.

At last,
a baby!

At last,

At last,
not holding back!

In a few days
we will ask ourselves,
“What next?”

In a few days
God will ask of us,
“What next?
What will you do,
how will you live
that I have not held back;
now that I am here
to oppose fear,
to offer hope?”

In a few days,
we’ll start looking ahead again,
impatiently desiring
the next big thing,
restlessly longing
for a better fix of the world,
for a faster-acting Savior
who doesn’t rely
on the limitations
of flesh
and goodwill.

But for tonight
what is a few days away
can wait.

Right now
we soak in
the peace.

Right now
we are satisfied
by this blessing.

Now, at last,
we believe
that Love comes,
that God permeates,
that the Holy Wild Boundless Light
draws us in like a child’s smile.

Now, at last,
come alive.

Now, at last,
the long nights of watchfulness end
and we can let our guard down
to welcome God.

At last!