Steadfast God, Ever-Moving Spirit,
I pray for a change in perspective

and the ability to delight in
a single moment as I might
delight in one snapshot shape
of a shifting cloud:

to see time as a gift,
not a battle;

to breathe with purpose,
not just for survival;

to believe in the process
(not only the end goal)
of healing;

to sing always
as part of the whole chorus;

to shift my gaze from the sidewalk
to the horizon;

to know — and learn to appreciate —
that more (much more!) of life
is beyond my control
than is in it.

For My Daughter (A Prayer of St. Anne)

My dear,

I birth you into a world of imperfections:

there are takers

Yet still it is a world of God’s grace,

filled with givers

In all things, be a child of God, in the footsteps of God.

Womb of my womb,

I pray for you strength and grace,
inner beauty and outer presence.

Daughter of daughters,

May you strive for knowledge and friendship,
peace and justice.

Newest of women,

How can I explain to you womanhood,
so beautiful and so powerful?

Young Mary of mine,

In every playfulness and each pain,
in every growth and each rest…

…believe that God is woman.

I wrote a prayer for each of my children when they were born. This prayer — written in the voice of St. Anne, mother of Mary the mother of Jesus — was written for my daughter, who has a birthday today.