Modern Beatitudes

Bless and multiply the prayer that begets protest.
Bless and strengthen the resistance to financial segregation.
Bless and trouble the comfortable and the secure.
Bless and sanctify the excommunicated and unorthodox.
Bless and protect those who strive after reconciliation.
Bless and thrill those who enjoy asking hard questions.
Bless and galvanize the peacemakers to stir up stagnant waters.
Bless and heal the wounded to new and renewed life.

Praying with Beethoven

(For the fullest experience, open Beethoven’s Symphony 7 movement 2 in a separate window, and listen as you pray here.)

I come before You in the spirit
of Beethoven’s 7th (ii):
feeling the spaces of silence
surrounded by the music of your presence
captivated by your every turn of phrase
not daring to multitask in this moment, or even move, lest
my spirit miss one cello’s sigh or one soaring interval.
In the presence of such magnificence
I am at once in love
and at peace,
filled up with joy,
tingling to catch
the swells of majesty
and the horns’ solemn march,
cradled by you as if by an oboe’s gentle melody.
I hold my breath when you pause,
lean in
to hear the
quietest harmonies,
open my hands to feel the most dramatic vibrations.
How good it is to sit in your presence,
O Most Holy & Breath-taking God!

An Invitation

Walk with me today, Hovering Spirit.
See what my eyes see today.
Hear the conversations that I hear;
read the news with me and
taste each meal with me.
Keep me present and prayerfully mindful;
stretch my heart and my ability and my talents
to fully participate where I am, as I am,
for your sake and to your glory.