Draw me after You!
We will run in the fragrance of Your perfumes,
O heavenly Spouse!
I will run and not tire,
until You bring me into the wine-cellar,
until Your left hand is under my head
and Your right hand will embrace me happily
[and] You will kiss me with the happiest
kiss of Your mouth.

— Saint Clare of Assisi

from For Lovers of God Everywhere: Poems of the Christian Mystics by Roger Housden (Hay House, Inc. 2009)

The Verb Became Flesh

And the Word became flesh and lived among us.

All things came into being through the Word.

And the Word was Being.

And the Word became flesh
and lived
and toddled
and laughed
and cried
and made friends
and learned
and traveled
and ate
and drank
and slept
and gazed at the stars
and watched the sunrise

because the Word became enfleshed.

The Word that is Life became a life.
The Word of Being became a being.
The Word that is, in fact, the Verb —
the holy Verb that causes Life and Being,
the Verb that is the action of God
— the Verb became flesh
and was born.

And all of the verbs, all of the actions & attitudes of God
throughout time, throughout story,
came into flesh:
the creating and the guiding and the covenanting
and the saving and the anointing and
the judging and the sheltering and the loving,
for Israel and for the foreigner, for the widow and the wanderer,
for the king and the shepherd alike,
all of the activities of God came into flesh
in the Verb that was born of Mary;
the Verb, the sign of God, that was named
Emmanuel: God With Us
Jesus: God Heals

What has come into being through the Verb
is Life:
Life that proclaims “God is here!”
Life that heals the outcast and comforts the exile
Life that makes the leper clean
and lifts up the paralyzed man to walk,
Life that celebrates love
and sits down to eat at anyone’s table,
Life that tells stories
and calls out lifeless religion and power-driven living,
Life that transforms
and speaks of new life,
Life that defies death,
Life that is full of the glory of God
Life that beckons our lives to live fully for God’s glory
Life that radiates Light through the deepest night and sparks our lights

Life that is full of verbs

The Verb became flesh and lived among us.
The eternal activities of God
took on
Life and Breath and Time
so that our flesh, and our breath, and our time
could witness & learn from the Verb Made Flesh
and all of the daily verbs that we live and do and say
could reflect the holiness of the Verb’s Incarnation,
could act and live with the courage & the hope & the trust
that God is made flesh
all around us

Emmanuel: God With Us

Come and adore,
Come and celebrate,
the Verb Made Flesh

Christmas Eve

I see you in the explosion of a sunrise.
I see you in the drifting chaos of clouds
and in the neat rows of plowed-down cornstalks.
I see you in the squirrel darting about frantically for nuts
and in the doe standing beside her fawn as they graze.
I see you, with my eyes closed, in a dream
and I see you, with my ears opened, in a song.
I see you in the towering beauty of a cathedral.
I see you in the knitting together of words and stories.

And now I will see you in the flesh of a newborn,
in fact, in the incarnation of every child.
Now I will see you in my neighbor;
now I will see you in the mirror;
now I will see you when the media or the ideologues
flash “enemy” before me, and I will remember that it is you.
Now I will see you in the brother who tries my patience,
just like I see you in the friend who lifts my spirit.
Now I will see more carefully,
knowing that I am always seeing
before my eyes.

Advent . Week 4 . Thursday

My soul is weary from traveling, my heart is longing for home, and I want to ease into a familiar space and be cradled by a familiar love. Jesus, be my Constant amidst all that is different or disorienting during this holiday season. Be the One Thing that helps me feel at home, like a newborn babe can suddenly make a stable feel like a sanctuary. Be Warmth and Affection when the solitude is too great or the crowds are too isolating. Stay by my side as I join the festivities for your birth, and restore my energy through this Christmas journey.