Psalm 148

The angels have every reason to boast:
in their mission beyond time and form,
in their gift of eternal song.
But see: they brag on God alone.

The sun has every reason to puff its chest:
all eyes turn toward it with every day,
its dawn is the hope of every heart.
But no: it praises the Creator.

The mountains and hills know their swagger:
they are parabolic obstacles and havens,
mysteries and revelations of folklore.
But note: they glorify God’s name.

The fire and hail, snow and wind know their fame:
as life measures its seasons by their impact,
as they toy with comfort and fear.
But listen: their tribute is made to the Sovereign.

So our egos aggrandize themselves in vain:
we who wilt under the sun and rain,
who stumble and wander in need of guides.
Take heed: exaltation belongs to God.


Let the sun and moon beam with pride:
God has come!

Let the sea monsters and stormy winds howl with the wildness of it:
God has come!

Let those who have been weary dance the good news
and those whose throats have been parched sing it together:
God has come!

Let mighty rulers learn of it from their poorest citizens:
God is with us!

Let the youngest and eldest prophesy it together:
God is with us!

Let the mountains and rivers testify to it
and all the wildlife be satisfied in it:
God is with us!

Let the song be as high as the shining stars:
God is faithful!

Let the shout be as thunderous as an earthquake:
God is faithful!

Let the reassurance be as sweet as a lullaby
and the hope as delicious as a daydream:
God is faithful!

Have I not yet heard the song of the universe in my heart, O God? Have I missed the delight of creation in the very cells of my skin, O Spirit? Keep me quick with praise and awake to joy!

on Psalm 148, written for the Stillspeaking Daily Devotional