O God of David and Esther, God too of Pontius Pilate,
Sovereign of kings and queens and politicians,
Most Holy Wonder and Ancient Wisdom,
you who are the beginning and end,

In prayer we collect our voices; in prayer
we raise our plea before you, saying:

Remember your love for us.
Do not forget us in all your grandeur,
as you ponder the great mountains
as you flirt with the twinkling stars.

Remember us.


We remember you, O God,
in the ordinary and the extraordinary,
with every sunrise bringing a new day
with every heartbreak marking another season.

Our lives are so unlike your being:
we falter in love while you are unconditional
we tire before trying while you continue eternally.
It seems a poor spoof that we would
worship you in all your glory
using this dust and breath of humanity,
yet this is our praise and our testimony:
you are glorious and beyond compare.

We remember all that you have done,
the stories and works of your hand,
the memories of your grace.
We remember.

Remember us.

From your throne of eminence, remember us.
Around us and above us and so far beyond us,
nevertheless: remember us. Look and listen if you will
past the heavenly chorus: we are praising you too.

Remember us.

Though you are majestic and we are small,
though you are timeless and we are fading grass;
Remember us, though we are specks in the cosmos,
not even blinks between the Alpha and the Omega.

Yours is the glory forever and ever.
Ours is this breath, and not even that.
With our last and only breath, we will praise you
O LORD of life, Spirit of sanctity, Christ our cornerstone.

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