For me, the joy of speaking and preaching in various locations is the delight of witnessing the Church in many settings and many faces.

It’s an honor to speak to pastors and preachers, churches and small groups, writers and pray-ers and seekers. I confess that I love “talking shop” about church — how and why we do what we do as the Body of Christ, what it might mean to try new ways of talking about faith and of living out faith — with kids and teens and adults, online or in person.

Ideas for speaking engagements include (but are hardly limited to) keynotes on ministry in the 21st century, clergy retreats for continuing education, team-building workshops for leadership groups, planning meetings for worship teams, seasonal seminars for churches (i.e. Lent or Advent). Currently a favorite theme of mine is the role of words in our expression of faith, based on my book Sacred Pause: A Creative Retreat for the Word-Weary Christian.

In all settings, I strive to create a safe space in which we can stretch our spirits through reflection and conversation. Please drop me an email to discuss a guest preaching event, workshop or retreat opportunity, or to brainstorm another speaking engagement.

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