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  • Denial Is My Spiritual Practice: “I recommend that you acquire yourself a copy, read it, savour it, and then keep it close for those moments when, for the sake of faith or sanity, you need once more to find yourself reflected in the mirror of another soul, another spirit, one that has wrestled with God, and, against all expectations, lived to see dawn’s light limping across the valley.” A review by Rosalind Hughes for Episcopal Cafe.
  • Denial Is My Spiritual Practice: “Water and deep nourishment to my soul. In so many ways. At so many levels. Their beautiful, artful writing of the most vulnerable areas was so life-giving.” A review posted on Goodreads.
  • Sacred Pause: “Rachel Hackenberg’s book will change your life. Not might. Will.” A book review from RevGalBlogPals.
  • Sacred Pause: “The beautiful invitation to ponder deeply and experience God’s grace.” A review from Hearts & Minds Books.
  • Writing to God: Kids’ Edition: “This book could be functional for elementary school children wanting to be more creative in their approach to prayer, but, interestingly enough, it contains suggestions that many adults would find original and stimulating, too.” A review at
  • Writing to God: “I immediately began using the book in my morning prayer practice. I loved it. … This would be a wonderful tool to use with a church group or a group of spiritual friends. It could be used in any season, though the 40-day structure and the Holy Week feature make it ideal for Lent. I recommend it!” A review from RevGalBlogPals.

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