Out of glass
I carved a mirror
and there
I swore allegiance
to all that I could
within and through
my own flesh & spirit.

Out of wood
I constructed
a shelter and I
anointed its doorway
with the oil of my sweat
to protect me and mine
against all odds
despite all costs.

Out of stones
I built my walls
layer upon layer
so that I would be
and unshakable
no matter who knocked
no matter who cared
no matter who bothered
to find me.

Still I confess:
the mirror cannot speak
though I often listen
for her voice;
the wood cannot wrap me
in warm embrace though
I tend it faithfully;
the stones cannot
tell good stories but only
echo back my own whispers.

Let me hear
the One who can speak;
let me sleep beneath
the wings of One who cares;
let me be moved
by One who has been
the bedrock of generations;
and I will give up
my idols.

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