Love & Mercy

God of all love and mercy,
forgive us.

We have failed one another — we have failed
your image in each person and all creation.

God of all love and mercy,
surprise us.

With mustard seeds, with wild dreams, with grace,
replace our self-assurance with childlike wonder.

God of all love and mercy,
restore us.

Our well-being is in the hands of our neighbors,
both despised & beloved, friends & strangers both.

God of all love and mercy,
delight us.

Make of terror a fool, make of devastation a song,
make of our meager lives a story of your miracle.

God of all love and mercy,

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Sunday Prayer

Delightful Breath,
merciful Relation,
generous Body,

We celebrate the gift of the new day
and the opportunities of community.
With the tall oaks we praise your strength;
with the winding rivers we sing the songs of heaven.

Behind and before,
beneath and betwixt,
You are here.

We pray over the mourning and the lonely
the struggling and the disenfranchised
in mind and body and spirit, that they — that we —
might not be crushed if afflicted, not despairing if perplexed.

Deepen our breath,
mend our relationships,
sustain our bodies for hope.

We stretch out to you and to one another,
honest about our transgressions and pains,
eager to be healed and to support healing.
We say in faith, “Here I am,” trusting that:

behind and before,
beneath and betwixt,
You are here.

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Wilderness Roads

Jesus, dear Jesus,
we are not always certain of the road before us:
whether hope will meet us or hell will greet us,
whether strangers might guide us or friends might betray us,
whether your kingdom will dawn or the shadows lengthen for a while longer.

Jesus, dear Jesus,
on this wilderness road we long for direction:
for signs and symbols and secrets to guide our ways,
for wise company to love us and guard us against our fears,
for the curiosity to understand and the compassion for grace.

Jesus, dear Jesus,
the roads wind, the paths cross, the ways are full of obstacles:
hear the prayers of those who feel lost, those in grief, and those in crisis;
do not be unknown to those who are hungry, who are exiled, who are in danger;
humble our vanities & jealousies to make us good traveling companions.

Jesus, dear Jesus,
though the ways are long and the wilderness ever-changing,
no matter how far we roam or how uncertain we feel,
be our rock and our root, our center and our home.
Locate us always within your perfect love.

We pray, Jesus, in your name.

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I Shall Not Want

By your name and your power, O Christ,
our lives are renewed
for the living of these days,
for the loving of all peoples,
for the leaping gladness of praise.

By your name and your power, O Christ,
our hearts are saved
for the laboring of mercy,
for the welcoming of peace,
for the shattering of injustice.

By your name and your power, O Christ,
our spirits are delighted
for the releasing of fear,
for the reviving of goodness,
for the restoring of faithfulness.

By your name and your power alone, O Christ.

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