Lent 6

Bless this bread,
bless this gather,
may we live for you each hour.

Send us out
with bread not stone,
so that no one eats alone.

In a world
full of fear
keep us always
drawing near
to your body
in each place
where we might
again learn grace.

Bless this bread,
bless this world,
’til we see your realm unfurled.

on Luke 4:3-4

Taste and See!

Sear my tongue like freshly brewed too-hot coffee,
O burning Spirit, for the sharp heat relaxes my soul.

Bring me home, O nourishing God, with the warm
earthy taste of a tomato ripened in the summer sun.

Make me dance, O enlivening Spirit, like my taste buds
frolic between the spicy broth and snapping vegetables.

Laden my tongue to silence the way that bitter chocolate
interrupts my senses with its dry heaviness, O complex God.

Taste and be delighted by God’s goodness—in each bite, each meal, each sip you take today! Let your mouth be amazed by the bounty of the earth, and grateful for the labor of hands that prepare the food. Then put your delight on paper by writing a descriptive prayer of thanksgiving to God for the delicious amusements of your taste buds.

Lent 7

“Seek the LORD; seek God’s presence continually” (Psalm 105:4, adapted). Today, pay attention to the presence of God in the “ordinary” moments of life. Write a prayer at the end of the day, with thanksgiving for the joy of seeking (and finding!) God in all things.

Ah, there you are!
Mixed in with the eggs and flour and milk,
hot on the griddle and soggy under syrup:
God in pancakes!
God in the work of cooking,
in the act of serving,
in the delight of waking sleepyheads with warm food.
There you are for me every morning:
in the simplest purpose and function,
in the one necessary task that trumps
all other tasks for that moment.
Nothing else do I need,
nothing else must I do,
than attend to God
in pancakes.