Later, you say, later,
but how much later
until hope is restored
until mourning is comforted?

Later, you say, later,
but how much later
until love is confessed
until peace is presupposed?

Later, you say, later,
but in the meantime
you look away from me and
I do not understand how to keep faith.

on John 13:7



Remember the dusty Holiness of humanity that has no need to accumulate treasures.


Remember the simplicity of Peace that welcomes grace and returns the same tenfold.


Remember the certainty of the Wilderness and patiently walk with someone there.


Remember the possibilities on the very edge of Mystery that allude to a new day.


Remember the relentlessness of Joy that wonders at love and marvels at life.

on Psalm 22:27a and Mark 8:35


We would follow your ways, O God,
across mountain and wilderness,
through the floods of baptism
all the way to glory’s dawn;

We would follow your ways, O God,
believing rainbowed promises,
convinced of steadfast love,
ready for your kin-dom;

We would follow your ways, O God,
hearts torn apart like heavens,
lives in full repentance,
souls waiting;

if only you would call us Beloved,
if only you would stay near to us in mercy.

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Wild Beasts

In the desolation I pray
not to become familiar
but to become tranquil
in the midst of all that is
unknown, unanswered,
unresolved, unrequited.

In the wilderness I pray
You will leave crumbs
along the way toward
wellsprings of grace to
temper the wild worries,
to hush the open wounds.

In the aftermath I pray
not to be restored but
to be found & known
by survivors of death
and guardians of life,
bandaged for purpose.

on Mark 1:13