The tree shall whisper thanks
for the wind by which it dances
though its roots cannot be moved.

The dove shall coo thanks
for the small nourishing seed
that has blown so far from flower.

The rock shall be still in thanks
for the quiet stream pooling past it
and softening its hardest points & edges.

The violet shall radiate thanks
for the taller grasses that shelter it
from the harsh noonday sun.

The seagull shall clamor thanks
for the tide that bears salty morsels
and swells the breeze for flight.

The field shall murmur thanks
for the summer rain that gently
bends the hay and soaks the earth.

And I shall collapse in thanks
for all good gifts of creation
and all sweet joys of love in life.

Sunday Prayer: Lamentation

Go away from me, O God.
You overpower my life
and divide it ruthlessly:
the chaff from the wheat,
the longing from the glorifying,
the entrenched from the freeing,
the comfortable from the necessary.
You melt my heart
(like sap in the spring,
like snow in the winter)
until there is nothing left, for
your zeal consumes my very being.
For your sake, I breathe
and by your grace only, I live
but oh! that you would let me hide
from your gaze and take shelter
in the shadow of your wings,
rather than stand so bare
in your unrelenting light.
I am without peace
because you call me to the fullest life.
I am without rest
because you call me to utter faithfulness.
I say again: Go away from me, O God,
you are too much. I cannot
contain your eternal fire;
I cannot
be content
in your holy rage.
When I want to turn away from death,
you command my courage
to witness life;
when I (seem to) find my stride in life,
you deliver death as an ax
at the root.
I am cut down;
my life is lost to me
like a leaf swirling away in a flood.
Have mercy, LORD —
you have teased me and I
have been too easily seduced.
By your grace,
turn away.
You are my ever-present trouble;
save me at long last
and let me go.

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Sunday Prayer: Solidarity

God all mighty,
this is my sister
carrying the world on her shoulders,
praying for a resting space, a safe & joyous place.

God all gracious,
this is my brother
standing ever in the line of fire,
praying for a loving space, a hopeful & encouraging place.

God ever faithful,
this is my friend
measuring each day with caution,
praying for their family space, a creative & uninhibited place.

God ever good,
this is me
hovering between energy and exhaustion,
praying for bold space, a laughing & community-building place.

Together, we plead and pray
that hope will not disappoint,
that the impossible will indeed find a way,
that mercy will become a harvest of peace,

that such a day will come
when a person will not need to shake dust from their feet
against the city of their sister, their friend, their family.
Until that day, guide us as wise serpents and gentle doves.

God all mighty,
this is my sister: do not forget her prayers.
God all gracious,
this is my brother: do not tune out his cries.

God ever faithful,
this is my friend: answer their sorrow.
God ever good,
this is me: make your face shine again.

Trusting in your steadfast love,
leaning on your faithfulness across generations,
singing the songs of our thanksgiving
while we await your promises;

We say together Amen, amen, and amen.

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Trinity Sunday Prayer

Dependent upon the grace of Christ,
certain of the love of God,
committed to fellowship by the Spirit,
we are bold in prayer for Your sake
(and for ours).

Hear, O God, the groan of creation and hear also its song.
Make our lives busy with the work of creation’s healing
until the rivers play again between the mountains and
the stars gather again the curious with their stories.

Like a bird building its nest and guarding its eggs,
O Christ, build up your people like a fortress of mercy
where peace is birthed, nurtured, strengthened and sent
to bless the earth and to love it as the life shared among us.

O Spirit, make us yours, we pray, as only You can:
with food and laughter, through tears and solidarity,
and by the common heartbeat of our thankful songs
make us faithful to one another in every generation.

Dependent upon the grace of Christ,
certain of the love of God,
committed to fellowship by the Spirit,
for Your sake and for ours we ask:

Let goodness dispel evil,
let hope break through despair,
let nurture erase the memory of violence,
and let mystery multiply our dreams with your praise.

In the name of God our Breath,
God our Life, and
God our Wisdom. Amen.

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