Sing aloud, o daughters! Shout with joy, o children!
The peril against you is gone.

Yet again and again, O God,
we have picked it back up:
the peril of fear,
the peril of greed,
the peril of jealousy,
the peril of nationalism,
the peril of self-abasement.

Again and again we pray, O God:
show us these perils
scattered on the threshing floor,
ready to be swept into your fierce fire;
cause us to lay bare these perils
where they have crowded
our roots and fruits
like vines.

Deal with us
in all our peril,
that we might deal
extravagantly in joy, we pray.

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Advent: My Light and My Salvation

the LORD is my light

o God my God, what I wouldn’t give to see your warmth and light on long sleepless nights when only the winter cold keeps me company. yet you greet me faithfully in every dawn, you meet my eyes as though we haven’t spent a single moment apart, you delight my heart and immediately all is forgiven. basking in your presence, I could journey on forever.


the LORD is my salvation

take, I pray, this well-intentioned if wayward spirit, this limited and weary flesh, this most flighty heart, and unburden them to love and serve you gladly. do not let my faith fade at sunset — save me from my fickle self and preserve my joy at every hour, through every strain, against every demon. you are my strength and my song; by no other force can I stand, for no other reason do I sing.

on Psalm 27:1

A Canticle

Sing, daughter. Or whisper,
if breath and courage fail.
Hold on to God’s joy
like a life preserver
through disaster & storm.
Hum a lullaby for surrendering
to the Ground that holds the seas,
to the Wild Imagination that
spins distant galaxies.
Tune your harmony while
God writes the melody
of victory by love, of freedom
by the laughter of children,
and most of all of grace
by God’s dissolution of shame
until the whole earth has its tongue loosed
and its breath restored for singing.
Sing, daughter. Sing.

on Zephaniah 3:14-20