Dry Bones

Bone upon bone,
I build a prayer.
Give it breath, O Spirit.

I wait for hope
like the sleepless wait for morning.

I long for grace
like lovers long for embrace.

I listen for your voice
like springtime listens for the robin.

I bring flesh to meet spirit
like tears meet the earth to water life.

These are the bones
and the best I can do:
mind and body, short on sleep
and unchecked in longing.

Can these bones breathe?
Can this death be unbounded?
Can love move stones and mountains?

Have mercy. Restore me to life
so that I may praise your name.
Call to these bones wherever they are
— in dry valleys, up high in the trees,
on the streets, or in graveyards —
and breathe into these slain bones
a prophecy and a triumphant song!

Bone upon bone upon bone,
until your salvation comes.

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