Sunday Prayer

To God be all glory,
to Christ be all love,
to Wisdom be all joy.

Incline your ear, O God, for your people are anxious and lonely, restless and wandering. Call our names and show us your peace. Encourage our hearts in the daily work of love.

To God be all judgment,
to Christ be all victory,
to Wisdom be all truth.

Holy Spirit, know the questions and concerns on our hearts. Be near to those who are hurting, who are mourning, who are overwhelmed. Be especially close to those who are in danger and those who are hungry.

To God be every cry,
to Christ be every prayer,
to Wisdom be every song.

We are yours, O Christ — every word on our tongues, every thought on our hearts, every step of our lives. Show us the bread of life, and we will live for you. Be to us the cup of salvation, and we will praise your name forever.


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