Sunday Prayer

Ah, Lord GOD, we do not know how to begin or where,
for you are eternal and we are finite;
you so loving and we so very wounded;
creation so vast and we are only a few within it.

What praise can we offer that is not a clanging gong?
What prayer can we say to bend your holy ear?
Do not shake the dust from your feet at us, we pray,
but be gracious and know the cares of our hearts.

We long most simply for love:
love that overflows in holy courage to stand for justice,
love that cares for one another without reservation,
love that is unrestrained by our brokenness,
love that holds on through storm and grief,
love that comforts our hearts,
love that brings about your kin(g)dom,
love that changes us.

We pray for love, O God,
knowing that in you and because of you
Love is already and ultimately realized.
With a sigh we pray: Amen.

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