Lent 17

My steps are glad, my God, my steps are glad!
My feet strolling the grass delight in your gentleness
and climbing the rocks, honor your enduring faithfulness!
How blessed is this wild path evolving before me, not because
the way is easy but because the course is within God’s purview!
Let my stride become light; let my spirit be encouraged;
let the eyes of my heart be opened to discern the way
with childlike fascination — delighting in discovery,
never lost under the sky of your Love.

“No matter what map has lost you
Love is the way.”
(No Matter What, by Rob Leveridge)

6 thoughts on “Lent 17

  1. You are always here
    for me
    These are days
    where a weariness pervades my spirit
    sometimes faint
    other times strong
    like now
    And I am overwhelmed
    with the strong, sure love
    You offer me
    You are my only Place
    of true rest

  2. No matter what map of busyness I follow,
    No matter what route of my own I prefer,
    No matter what path of wandering I ignore.
    Love calls me off the beaten track,
    Love calls me from the fear of being lost,
    Love calls me back to the true direction of being.
    Love is the way.

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