Lent 13

I am overwhelmed,
tired in mind-body-spirit,
desperate lest I lose my grip,
like a new swimmer fears to have
the kicking board slip from her grasp.
“I cannot swim any further,” my soul cries, but
my feet have no hope of finding support in the depths.
Save me, Jesus! Catch me up in your raft or else
teach my feet the faith of walking on water.
Cast the waves far from me or give me
strength beyond my strength to swim.
Hear the cries of this land-loving
soul, O God of the oceans,
O Jesus my savior.

5 thoughts on “Lent 13

  1. The waves stand tall and proud and daunting, daring the traveller through life to step through. High walls of life-diminishing poverty, hunger, injustice, violence close in on many. Flood waters of debt, hurt, addiction, loneliness, work overload, persistent unemployment damage the lives of others. O God, our guide and source of life, go with us into the deep, throw us a lifeline and help us to support one another through the hard tides of life. Amen

  2. How quickly the flood waters have risen–
    gusts of wind dash the harsh waves
    on many
    even as we cling to You
    the Rescuer
    Steady our souls
    Be a beacon of hope
    Row this ship to peace
    Let there be no “loss of life”
    as we anchor ourselves
    to You

    • Rachel…this is such an enriching experience. How blessed it is to form my own heart prayers as life unfolds day by day– as well as to have the privilege to peak into the souls of you and others.

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