In any case…

Ah, God, if only I could find some peace,
I swear then I would pass it on to others.

If only I could catch my breath, then for sure
I’d be more present for a neighbor, a friend.

If you’d just give me a respite first,
then I promise I’d give more, love more.

. . . No?

Is that the answer I’m perceiving
as life continues at full throttle and maximum strain?

Or am I missing your inflection of the vowel,
carried on a Spirit’s whisper?

In fact, did you say “Now”?

As in, “Yes you need peace . . .
now share peace and grace with others.”

As in, “Yes you must pause to catch My Breath
. . . now listen, as you pause, to those around you.”

And “Yes, I am your rest, now with this rest
you have more loving to give, more giving for love.”

Not “No.”


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