I waited for you today,
found a quiet place to
sit in peaceful wonder.
I watched the world
while waiting and oh!
how beautiful the world
because you are in it:
the starling is a black
jewel in the sunlight,
the street a circus of
sound & light & people,
the morning warmth
an invitation to smile.
So I do smile as I wait
…but you do not come.
It’s not the first time —
in fact, it’s been a long
too long a time since
you last joined me here.
I remember the last time
we found each other; that
memory alone brings me
back to wait again for you.
But long too long it seems
and longer again each day
until the starling appears
less a jewel than a nuisance
the street a clamor & chaos
the warmth a stifling heat.
My return tomorrow is in
question; more certain the
likelihood that you will not.
Perhaps another time.

2 thoughts on “God(ot)

  1. I enjoyed a Set Aside Quite Time with like minded people this morning and it is so refreshing seeing God and nature through others eyes. Thank you for your insights they resonate!

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