First Sunday in Lent

O God,
if I call you Father,
will you please watch over me and those in my house,
and guard us like a watchman at night?

O God,
if I call you Mother,
may I curl up next to you when I have nightmares,
and will you soothe me when I am sick?

O God,
if I call you Savior,
will you rescue me during hard times
and keep me from rebellion?

O God,
if I call you Lover,
will you keep me company through thick and thin
and encourage my best self?

And God,
if I confess that you are beyond naming,
will you please be greater than me and beyond my understanding,
so that the things I cannot fathom but so desperately want—
lion-and-lamb peace,
feeding miracles by the millions,
tears-into-joy justice—
can be conceived and built by your imagination?

Will you please be holy so that I can be human,
to the best of my ability?

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