Faith Problems

I’m having trouble getting at God
which is maybe because
I’m having trouble getting at me

The self-perceived complexities of my life
are so much more finite
than the Simplicity that is God

(which lends itself to some odd & awkward
gymnastics of faith)

But the complexities distract from the Simplicity
even though the Simplicity is in all complexities.

Still, I don’t trust finding me
to find God
because the details interrupt my view
of the big picture too easily

(Can’t God fix that?!)

So I might point to a strong beautiful elm and pray
“Give me faith like that”
only to hear God saying
“But I’m like a fish”

In other words, my compass is off,
so I need God to get at me
externally right now

because I’m floundering
(Aha! There’s the fish!
I didn’t even plan that.)

You should really intervene now, God.

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