Dear White Jesus

I cannot sit
at your clean white feet
waiting for the blue skies of eternity
while there is white-induced hell on earth.

I cannot pray
to your sweet white face
or repeat your white savior fairytales
that twist hope with capitalism and manifest destiny.

I cannot preach
of your anemic white justice
that absolves its own habits of white racism
and calls for #alllivesmatter whenever the lamb meets the lion.

Take your wonderbread cubes
and your styrofoam wafers; burn them
on the vineyards still bleeding from native populations.
Call it a picnic and see if white folks come with their children.

Take every last one of your white disciples
whose tongues are glib with love and grace
but slow to utter #BlackLivesMatter for fear of
committing their lives to a payment long past due.

Take your white salvation
that acquits white sin as fast as a white jury
and dances in self-absolution as if it’s the emperor’s clothes.
The world knows you are naked, white Jesus. Don’t blame Eve.

You are dying, white Jesus,
and still you cry, “I know not what I’ve done!”
while your prophets cajole, “You did nothing wrong, you
are white as snow.” But see: your blood drowns the world.

Someone come quickly
and comfort, comfort the white Jesus
who is lonely in stained glass and lifeless in praise bands
because the task of rendering racism sinless is his only purpose.

This time there is no resurrection.
It is finished, and your hallowed red letters
have returned to their dust, along with your integrity
as a cult god. Make friends with Baal and the golden calf.

4 thoughts on “Dear White Jesus

  1. The teaching of Jesus Christ and his message of “unconditional” love “for all” is clear. He comes to us through the “holy spirit” and is present in many forms, not limited to an image and his Kingdom is not of THIS world. I do not think there are any limits or boundaries for him. For me, Jesus is the example LOVE and acceptance. I believe in him and that any person, (no matter their sins) of any color, or any race are all welcome to his table, it’s our CHOICE. His sacrifice and gift of Redemption was paid for by his blood, for our sake, no matter what color, no matter what…so long as we accept him as Lord and Savior. He give us all free will to choose it and His love is for all who accept it. No where in the Bible have I read a description of what he “looked” like and I strongly believe he meets us all at the point of our need, which could include your “vision” of what his face looks like. Jesus loves everyone, not just “white faces”… and I believe we ALL matter to him… I thank God for the foundation and the Rock that his teaching are built on… What kind of world would this be without him? Better or worse? May God Bless us all.

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