Growing Up

Holy and Beloved,
our Wisdom and our Peace,
we add our praise to the song
of heaven and earth:

You are good and glorious!

Holy and Beloved,
our Wisdom and our Peace,
we seek after you in word and deed,
in breath and fellowship.

You are both siren and satisfaction!

Holy and Beloved,
our Wisdom and our Peace,
dwell in us even as we dwell in you
by dwelling with one another.

You are grace and generosity!

Holy and Beloved,
our Wisdom and our Peace,
be our heart’s treasure
and our life’s mercy.


on the Revised Common Lectionary texts,
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O Present and Still Coming Wisdom,
contrary to the lessons of this world:

From the littlest ones teach us love,
and from the meekest show us majesty.

In the ire of self-righteousness reveal human foolishness,
and in the heartbeat of wealth lay plain hopelessness.

To the most outcast announce the greatest joy,
and for the most fearful build a hedge of peace.

In the songs of young womxn disclose your holy vision,
and through the visit of angels make us co-conspirators.

O Present and Still Coming Wisdom,
let us not miss your unending incarnation.


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Sing aloud, o daughters! Shout with joy, o children!
The peril against you is gone.

Yet again and again, O God,
we have picked it back up:
the peril of fear,
the peril of greed,
the peril of jealousy,
the peril of nationalism,
the peril of self-abasement.

Again and again we pray, O God:
show us these perils
scattered on the threshing floor,
ready to be swept into your fierce fire;
cause us to lay bare these perils
where they have crowded
our roots and fruits
like vines.

Deal with us
in all our peril,
that we might deal
extravagantly in joy, we pray.

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Until Then

The day will surely come.
Steadfast God, hold us in the meantime
that we might not fear the long night.

The time will surely arrive.
Faithful God, give us signs while we wait
until every speck of star and dust is a revelation.

The promise will surely be fulfilled.
Eternal God, plant the seeds within us
even if we die before they bear fruit.


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Steal Away

At the last, O God,
promise that sacrifice
will never again be demanded.

At the last, O God,
promise that our sisters
and siblings and brothers will not need
to compromise their imago dei for security.

At the last, O God,
promise that thunder
will claim us and oust evil,
that bread and breath will be abundant,
that those who lack mercy will gnash their teeth.

Until then, O God,
promise that we can find you
in that place where a song is shared
as readily as a meal, where the urgency
of the journey is all the more reason for compassion,
where your lightning severs from our souls vanity and greed.

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