I’m not so sure
(when it comes right down to it)
that I really want to see You
as You are
full of glory
and might. Just as
I shy away from
seeing me
as I really am
and as I could be.
Cover Yourself with a cloud,
O Christ, so that I can’t see You
fully, clearly. And through
the haze I will worship You,
through the fog
I will say
“Here is my God!”
(probably pointing in
the wrong direction because,
you know, FOG). But still
I will love you
and a little more
adoringly because I will not have to
contend quite so honestly
with myself
through Your eyes,
I will not have to account for
not only my humanity but also
my holiness, not only
my blunders but also my belovedness.
Do not reveal Yourself transformed
for I am not ready to be

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To Love My Enemy

You, O LORD, are God and you are my God

so teach me to love my enemy, which is my own spirit:
to love my spirit despite her cowardice and to believe
that she is capable of fierce strength for bold living.

Teach me to love my enemy, which is my own heart:
to love my heart despite her complacency and to know
that she can risk heartache for the sake of unbounded love.

Teach me to love my enemy, which is my own flesh:
to love my flesh despite her vanity and to trust
that she can bear God’s presence with perfection.

Teach me to love my enemy, which is my own mind:
to love my mind despite her judgments and to have faith
that she has the fullness of joy to see the foolishness of God.

You, O LORD, are God and you are my God. Amen.

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Life and Death

At your command, O God,
heaven and earth bear witness:

We sing of love
but romance death.

We reap in faith
but sow distrust

We pray for peace
but cherish gossip.

By your grace we would follow
heaven and earth’s witness:

Saying “no” to evil, to spite, to cowardice.
Pledging “yes” and “yes” to life before the throne of God.

Yes and yes to life in common purpose
with heaven and earth.

Yes by God. Yes to God.
Yes, Holy God. Let your wisdom be vindicated

as we dance in life, weep in life,
hold fast in life, and die in life. Forever in your life.

Let heaven and earth bear witness.

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Mercies Every Morning

Shout out, O God,
and do not hold back
as you survey the world
with the witness of heaven.

Shout out and cry aloud, O God,
for we have given you lip service
but failed to follow your ways.

In your mercy, do not punish the hungry
because we have not been generous neighbors.
For your sake, do not punish the poor because
we have not lived as their brother & sister.

Do not punish even the wicked for we
have been evil’s accomplice and
taught the ways of accommodation.

Shout out, O God, and weep
for the wisdom of this age
that does not know or
wait upon your secrets:
of abundance
and paradoxes of love.

Whisper such secrets
like salt sprinkled for the delight
of every tongue, every heart, every life
until the earth is so full of faith
that no one goes hungry
or thirsty or lacks
shelter or family.

Whisper such secrets, O God,
that dawn’s light might
midnight’s injustice,
that healing might emerge
as an oasis and your loved ones
never evicted into the wilderness again.

We set our hearts in awe of you
and (re)commit our ways to your way.

Always and only
for your glory.

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Yesterday Today Tomorrow

In prayer,
we say the name
that gives us hope:

In song,
we raise the name
that brings us peace:

With shouts,
we cry the name
that brings us healing:

You who are the same
today and
stay with us and love us
today and
through seasons of change
of heartache of struggle of love
today and
through tears and praise
and lament and delight
today and
be who you are forever and always.

We long to be made new,
we are desperate to leave the past behind us,
but you have brought us this far and
you have promised to continue.
Stories and experiences
shape us like ancient stars shape the night sky,
so do not teach us to turn our backs
on what has been but to listen
for stories of what may be.
Teach us not to start over in fear
but to wade in every water and to walk
through every wilderness with the patience
of hearts that trust you.
Teach us not cynicism but curiosity
so that our souls might sing gratitude
and our tongues speak prophecies
of your love and glory
for as long as we have breath to give.

To you, the One who is worthy,
to you in whom the angels delight,
to you alone at the beginning and the end,
to you we bring our prayers and our whole lives this day. Amen.

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