The Lamb of God has come, alleluia!

The Son of Man is born, alleluia!

The Redemption of the World is revealed, alleluia!

By your name, O Jesus, we are glad
and through your life we are satisfied.
The prophets see you and rejoice;
the powerful recognize you and flee.
We are fools to stand in your presence
yet we join the mountains and trees,
sea monsters and stars in rejoicing: alleluia!

Basking in your presence, we will not keep silent.
Compelled by your good news, we will not keep silent.
Until earth’s praise is echoed in the peace of all people,
until every face is recognized as the beauty of God,
until a mighty horn breaks every strain of oppression,
until the fires of baptism expunge our pride,
until love is undeterred, we will not keep silent: alleluia!

You are our joy and we are your glory.
Through you is promise and within us is hope.
Send us out from this year in peace;
bless all that has departed from us
whether through regret or relief.
Call us into the new year with joy
to radiate the wonder of you: alleluia!

The Lamb of God has come, alleluia!

The Son of Man is born, alleluia!

The Redemption of the World is revealed, alleluia! Amen.

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Waiting for Peace

You are the beginning of all life, O God,
and the foundation of all hope.
You are the joy from which springs peace
and the peace from which blooms love.
We turn our hearts toward you:

Be kind to these weary bones, we pray.
This life withers like grass and
our spirits faint in search of your salvation,
yet we seek your glory rather than our own
because your promises do not fail or fade.

Merciful God, hear those who are crying out
for rough paths to be made smooth,
for treacherous climbs to be made low.
Speak comfort to your people, O God Most High.
Assure the oppressed that their relief is long overdue.

Hasten the day when justice is realized,
when children are safe from predators
and creation is safe from selfish consumption.
Turn aside our leaders from greed and vanity,
so the most vulnerable might be unburdened.

We wait for you, Mighty and Magnificent God,
more than the sun waits to crest the horizon,
more than the river waits to carve its path,
more than the stars wait to dissolve into fire.
Our beginning, our end: we await your coming.


Thy Kingdom Come

O Burning Fire, O Boiling Rage,
in these days of sin there are none
who dare whisper your name or draw close
to the intensity of your righteousness.

We have sworn to you our love but
you have found us disloyal — too easily
swayed by the passions of worldly powers,
too easily forgiving of our own efforts.

When at last you let loose your rage
and this life ends, when the stars finally fall,
when you tear through the heavens to shatter our idols,
will you remember us in love despite our iniquities?

Will you remember us now:
comfort our grief and cool our warring,
save us from the disregard of the rich and feed us
with prophecies rather than tears?

Will you remember your mercy
and have pity for us in this quickly fading life,
will you call us by name and bless our bones with breath?
Will you claim us and make good of us?

O Burning Fire, O Boiling Rage,
when at last this life ends, we pray foolishly
that your face will shine and your glory will consume us.
For all these things, we wait with wild hope.

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God all mighty,
make haste to upend the wicked,
be swift to defend the abused,
come yesterday to avenge injustice.

Christ all gracious,
turn our ambitions to dust for your glory,
change our hearts to love without limit,
sweep away all distractions like grass in fire.

Spirit all wise,
be our faith in the flood of despair,
be the law alone upon our lives,
be our grace no matter our shame.

Because we are yours, we are holy.
Because we are loved, we are holy.
Because we love, we are holy.

Because we are your body, we are holy.
Because we are your blood, we are holy.
Because we bleed, we are holy.

Because we are your delight, we are holy.
Because we are your exultation, we are holy.
Because we exalt, we are holy.

God all mighty,
Christ all gracious,
Spirit all wise, we pray. Amen.

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Until the sun dawns on a day of equity,
dear God — be God.

Until creation is new like the spring,
dear God — be God.

Until your goodness ripens like a harvest,
dear God of mercy — be God.

Until your revelation is not obscured by lies,
dear God of insight — be God.

Until your prophets are not drowned out by idol worship,
o jealous God — be God.

Until your word resounds from earth to heaven,
o relentless God — be God.

Until every mountain is made low,
God, be our deliverance.

Until every tear is comforted,
God, be our companion.

Until every horn of oil overflows with blessing,
let there be no other God.

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